Ecosystem of IT solutions for construction companies

Get more customers, do business more efficiently and spend less on your business's IT infrastructure with G-PLUS solutions.

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Solutions for developers

Custom made digital products for the construction industry will help you earn more. Everything you were looking for is in one place.


CRM-system for developers with built-in business processes.


An interactive markup and visualization system for your properties in 3D format.


Cross-platform dialogue system. Respond to customers in one window.


Wireless Business Telephony. Call recording, reports and analytics.


Online widget "call me back" for developers’ websites. The call-back system is already integrated into CRM.


Software for management companies. A MUST HAVE solution for property managers.


Professional business analytics. All indicators of your business on industry dashboards.


Expand your own IT infrastructure, connect to the right business solutions. Services must work together.

Earn more

It is impossible to imagine a modern business that doesn’t use IT solutions (CRM system, telephony, end-to-end analytics service, etc.). But the more different suppliers, the more expensive the service, and the more mismatches in IT.

With G-PLUS, you get solutions that provide everything that every participant in the construction business needs - from managers to leaders.

Use only the part of the infrastructure that you currently need.


CRM system for developers

It takes into account all industry-specific features of the construction business, which are not found in other CRMs.

integrated with real estate websites

Your properties are on 120+ real estate sites. Get applications from all over the world - sell more.

Real estate checkerboard

Always up-to-date real estate data, balance reports, and multi-level access including agents.

Accounting for installments and monitoring payments

Apartments are often sold in installments. G-PLUS CRM takes into account all installment payments and reminds you about them.

IT solutions for management companies

A complex of IT solutions for management companies of the developers for delivery, management, control of apartments, and the provision of services to property owners and guests of residential complexes.

"We use the entire G-PLUS Management complex to effectively rent out apartments on rental sites."

Review of G-PLUS Management
Residential complex Mega Palace

Developer’s digital back office

IT infrastructure with intelligence: reminds you of important tasks, sends notifications (Telegram, WhatsApp, E-mail), checks the to-do list and is always at hand.


Built-in calendar of tasks and reminders. Integrated with Google/Apple calendar.


No more wasting time summarizing data. All important information is available in one click.


You always receive up-to-date notifications and reminders in Telegram, WhatsApp or by E-mail.




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Industry Products


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Customer Reviews

G-PLUS solutions have been chosen by developers and management companies from more than 10 countries


White Label for your business

We provide construction companies and service providers with the opportunity to use solutions
from G-PLUS SOLUTIONS under their own brand.

Your applications will be available in:


You can ask a new question to your personal manager or in the form at the bottom of the page.

Are G-PLUS services and solutions available in my language?

G-PLUS services and software products have been translated into 10 languages.

Can I use a standalone solution rather than the entire IT infrastructure?

Yes, you can choose to use the specific G-PLUS solution that you need right now.

Is there help with moving to G-PLUS?

Yes. We import up to 1000 leads for free.

What are the prices for G-PLUS solutions?

The price depends on the number of IT products and services you choose.

Are there integrations with third-party services?

The G-PLUS infrastructure is connected to more than 100 external services, including social networks (Facebook/Instagram), banks, real estate websites, rental websites, mailing services, and other cloud solutions. In most cases, the required integrations are available in the G-PLUS Integrations Catalog.

I need a functional upgrade. Will you customize the product for me?

All individual developments are discussed separately and implemented after both parties agree on a fee. By default, the software comes with pre-installed functionality.

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